About us - Wasserij Korsow
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About us

Involved, reliable and always available
How it started

The story of Wasserij Korsow dates back to 1989, when we took our first steps as a company and provided laundry services to the Sint Elisabeth Hospital. Our growing organization developed from a laundry services provider into a fully equipped laundry and linen expert, expanding our services to hotels, apartments, restaurants and nursing homes. With the addition of Palthe, specialist in dry-cleaning and personal linens, Wasserij Korsow is the most experienced laundry and linen partner on the island.

Wasserij Korsow strives for a sustainable partnership with its clients and suppliers. Our policy is aimed at exceeding expectations, with our primary focus on our customers. We provide linen care in the broadest sense of the word, resulting in superbly clean and hygienic products. The continuity of our company with due regard to its social responsibility is of great importance.
Total partner

At Wasserij Korsow our expertise goes beyond laundry services. We offer a total package of advisory in the field of linen purchasing. In addition to expert advice on the right choice of linen, Wasserij Korsow offers linen rental solutions, tailored to whatever your business needs. Whether it’s first-rate quality laundry services, advice on linen or linen rental, Wasserij Korsow is your go-to for all your linen and laundry matters.

Simply good at what we do

Available at all times for our customers, our way of working is characterized by our personal approach. Wasserij Korsow aims for the highest level attainable when it comes to knowledge. We maintain that level  by continuously testing our quality standards  against requirements and legislation in our line of business worldwide. We ensure that our services, at the very least, run parallel to the current developments and legislation in the global field of textile cleaning. 


We process more than 90 tons of laundry per week0%
Our capacity is 140 tons0%
More than 50 people working on a daily basis in our laundry facility0%
90% of our clients also rent linens from Wasserij Korsow0%

This is us

Meet the Wasserij Korsow team. We are dedicated people who work together to ensure that you are not missing anything. Want to know more about what we can do for you? Contact one of our team members directly for an introduction.

Managing director Wasserij Korsow
Ben Hoijtink
Managing Partner
Sales director Wasserij Korsow
Juriaan Verzeilberg
Planning Manager Wasserij Korsow
Jeroen Hoijtink
Planning manager
Production manager Wasserij Korsow
Ron Aandeweg
Production  manager
Finance manager Wasserij Korsow
Solema Apolina
Finance manager
Logistics manager Wasserij Korsow
Eugene Maduro
Logistics manager
Flavia Rodrigues
Human resources