Innovation - Wasserij Korsow
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Efficient and hygienic washing processes derived from the latest technology

Innovative and Efficient

For guaranteed continuity, Wasserij Korsow has doubled the capacity of its entire machine park with brand new and high-end equipment. With the latest industrial laundry machinery, we ensure efficient washing, while keeping our environmental impact at the very minimum.

We do not depend on local energy sources and we also ensure:
  • Computer-controlled processes
  • Safe storage of chemicals
  • Health and safety conscious equipment


Working in accordance with applicable guidelines
Wasserij Korsow constantly invests in knowledge for its employees. For example, we regularly visit trade fairs abroad to always be on top of what is going on within our industry. Because we recognize the importance of certified processes, we have invested in streamlining our processes on the basis of the guidelines of the Certification textile care (Certex foundation). These are based, among others, on ISO 9001 and RABC (Risk Analysis Contamination Control – EN 14065) certification, with the aim of complete safety with regard to hygiene regulations. RABC is also complementary to HACCP and stands for the management of potential risk areas in the field of bio contamination.