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Wasserij Korsow provides linen advisory, linen rental packages and purchasing solutions

Our expertise

Not only do we clean bed linen and terry fabric; we are also experts in cleaning personal garments and uniforms. Wasserij Korsow has a proven track record at companies within the hospitality, food & beverage and healthcare industry. We never stop washing at Wasserij Korsow. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure continuity for your company and your services. Whatever happens, clean laundry will be delivered to you on time.


Creating the ultimate guest experience

In your business it’s all about your guests. The linen and towels are very likely one of the first things they notice. Which is why spotless, freshly scented and good looking linen is so important. Guests should experience a feeling of coming home. At Wasserij Korsow, we understand this and that is why your laundry and linen are in good hands with us. In addition to timely delivery, we ensure quality control so you never have to worry about it. We understand better than anyone how important your linen is for your guest experience. And that your hotel is busy and bustling and business must always go on, uninterrupted. That is why you leave it up to us to take care of your laundry, making sure it arrives on time and at the right place.


For the best hygienic solutions

Every second counts in healthcare. Your staff must be able to fully focus on providing care and only have eyes for a patient or for the care of a process. After all, they’re dealing with human lives. You do your best to facilitate your staff in the important work that they have to do. So it is essential to have a crystal clear and fresh uniform and, above all, clean bedding that is continuously available. Wasserij Korsow has many years of experience in healthcare – after all, it is the industry in which we got our start. Therefore, your laundry and linen is in the best hands with us so you never have to wait for clean laundry and can concentrate on your most important tasks.

Food & Beverage

Where everything revolves around your guests

A radiant white tablecloth, delivered on time and neatly folded. Napkins and other table linen, just name it and we know how to clean it. We believe that you should never worry about these matters. Our years of experience in the food & beverage industry means that you do not have to explain to us what you think is important. Your focus should be on the guests and their experience in your restaurant, leave the washing to us.


The calling card of your company or institution

The clothing of your employees and customers is an important calling card of your company. Comfortable and functional clothing is a condition that must be met for optimal functioning. Wasserij Korsow understands this and has a great deal of expertise in the field of cleaning workwear and representative clothing for your employees. We can help you create customized employee clothing packages, making sure that you and your employees’ needs are met when it comes to company outfits. With this service, Wasserij Korsow does more than providing laundry services for your company clothing.