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Our expertise

The clothing of your employees and customers is an important calling card of your company. Comfortable and functional clothing is thus a condition that must be met for optimal functioning. Wasserij Korsow understands this and has a great deal of expertise in the field of cleaning workwear and representative clothing for your employees. We can advise you independently in the cleaning of your clothes and also when putting together a clothing package that matches the wishes of your employees while also matching the corporate identity of your company or institution.

In healthcare

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers work in an environment where safety and hygiene are of great importance for the well-being of both patients and staff. Our close association with clothing suppliers in combination with active clothing management ensures that your employees always have representative, hygienic clothing that is available to them in the right size.


Residents of healthcare institutions

We understand that your clients’ clothing has emotional value and can lead to unrest if it does not return on time or even gets lost. To prevent this, we work with chip technology. Through this technology, we know exactly where your clients’ clothing is located during the entire washing and completion process.

The hospitality branch

Your employees

Wasserij Korsow knows how important the care of clothing is for your company. It is therefore important that the appearance of your staff is neat and tidy. A large part of the guest perception is namely determined by their uniforms so they must be clean, fresh, neat and representative. We fully understand this and clean and iron your corporate clothing with the utmost care. In addition, we have developed a unique system for the care and management of company clothing. This system makes it possible to track clothing and sort and deliver them to the corresponding departments.


Your guests

A perfect washing treatment of your guests’ clothing is as important as the linen and company clothing of the hotel. For this reason we also take care of the guest laundry for many hotels with the greatest possible care.

The clothing is cleaned through the required process (wet wash or dry cleaning) and is sent back to your location the same day. It is given a tag that corresponds to the created digital receipt.

Working Clothes

Purchase and maintenance

We offer various concepts with regard to your corporate clothing. Whether you purchase clothing yourself or rent it from us, we can take care of all your clothing management. We maintain your supplies, ensure timely replacement of your clothing and repair it when necessary. In addition, we use chip technology, so that you always have insight into the processing times, washes and delivery dates of your clothing.


Do you want to stand out with professional and well-kept company clothing and make your company a recognizable brand? Wasserij Korsow can be of assistance in this area as well as we can also provide you with a logo for all of your clothing.